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Content Creator & Webcam Model

On the Erotic Side of Life

I'm there, that "place" in life when Summer is about to end, and not afraid of Autumn.

As an online presence I can say about myself I'm a "GirlFriendExperience" Lady, tender, funny, sensual and confident. I have the heart, I have the mind and the body of a wise and passionate companion.

I'm not a "fun on cam" type or a "pro", I'm a real woman with a "civi" profession, being online whenever I have the time or the mood to be in a man's company. I only provide online, so please, don't ask me to meet you in "real"!

Briefly defining myself:

The followings are equal, none prevails but simply alternates:

Sensuality in all the ways! We came on Earth to enjoy this life. Whatever makes my heart and body happy, I go for it!

Dominant side… only in the private space; outside of it I tend to make my man to look “the best”. Pretty "democratic", isn’t it?

Beauty… I need beauty to surround me everywhere; on the streets, facades and buildings, on faces I see, in a smile, in gestures, the beauty of a soul reflected in someone’s voice…

If you'd like to know more about me, here is a more personal site (right click, open in new tab or window)


One more thing:

At some point in my life, I had a sweet submissive man as my partner. Of course, this was only for our bedroom! Outside the private space I was a “democratic” woman doing my best to make my man to be and look as a respectable and self-confident individual, both socially and professionally.

I tried to be an online Mistress but got very disappointed, met mostly moody men, fake subs or demanding slaves, so I gave up. If you'd like me to guide your submissive side, by all means, let me know! Present yourself nicely in a message. I'll take the time to read and respond. But please, don't waste my time and abuse my kindness!

Here is my site as a Mistress. Take some time and read it. See if I am right for you or not (right click, open in new tab or window).

Lovely Mistress

A bit of me!

My Show

An infusion of me into your life

I am: 46

Sexual Preference: Straight

Real Job: Artist

Smoking: Yes

Height: 1.61 m

Build: Slender

Eye Color: Brown 

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Medium

Ethnicity: Caucasian


mainly GMT afternoons & evenings

Things I can do or have to spice up a bit our time together: dancing, smoking, stockings or nylon/pantyhose, mini skirt, see through clothing, a bit of dirty talk. Beside these, erotic stories are on my list, too. 

You may Join Me

I'm looking for gentlemen only, preferably around my age!
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